Interesting villains: Oodkind.

The Ood - are they villain, or victim? Find out why I think they make uncomfortable drama for us either way, here.


Could Gallifreyan be a proper language? I do not know, but I'll sure try to make it one. Visit the Gallifreyan language pages to find out more...

Conversations: The Doctor wonders if there is a point to dying.

Talk, talk, talk, he's all talk. The Doctor's confused as to what dying is all about. He's back for another of those random conversations...

Deep Breath; Deep Thought

Doctor Who has returned for series 8 and we see an older Doctor being born. ExAnima asks if enough thought has gone into the writing.

Time's Up For Eleven

It may have been the end of Doctor number Eleven, but it also marked a turning point in the show's history.

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Enter here to learn my version of Gallifreyan. It's a fully featured language.


My blog posts; mostly about Dr Who, but there's other stuff there too from time to time.

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