Who decides your fate?

Well, Clara’s gone and series 9 is building to a climax. The dark forces gathered at the edge of events are now beginning to show their hands, but the story of the day was Clara. Face The Raven, written by new Who writer Sarah Dollard, was another of those episodes that worked at so many levels. The characterisation  was very strong in this, even to the extent where the ‘masked’ aliens got a point of view other than as the standard legionnaires of evil destruction that they usually represent. They were the refugees of wars and persecution seeking asylum, hidden by … Continue reading

Methought I heard a voice cry

Well, you cannot say Doctor Who doesn’t do relevant commentary. Ever since it re-booted in 2005 it’s managed to keep saying up to date things about modern life. Sleep No More was no different in laying down markers on cyber-terrorism, corporate greed and the excesses arising from soulless scientific revolutions. There are probably more tucked away in Mark Gatiss’ script, but these three interested me most. Cyber-terrorism might make you raise an eyebrow. Where does this occur, you might ask. You only have to look at Morpheus’ strategy in this story. His actions are a direct mirror of your average … Continue reading

Has the race been run?

The Zygon Invasion / The Zygon Inversion was probably the first series 9 two-parter so far that really seemed like a single episode split into two halves, which is why reluctantly I have left this until now. All the others could have just about stood alone, but for me this was really one unified, big, feature length episode. As such, it allowed its central themes of paranoia and cold war style enmity to build and build right through to the final ending with force. Most good pictures on canvas use dark and light effectively and this was no different. The run up … Continue reading

Together we are strong

When you’re The Doctor it’s all very well bandying around slogans such as, “I’m The Doctor, I save people,” but with that power comes a great responsibility. The Woman Who Lived presented a clever premise, paradoxical almost, in juxtaposition with last week’s episode, The Girl Who Died. On that episode I speculated about the similarities between The Doctor and Odin, and Ashildr and a Valkyrie. In this we saw just the sort of problem your average god is faced with in saving people. When The Doctor saved Ashildr from death it was natural for us to think that he had saved her … Continue reading

Of Vikings Valkyries and Comedy

It was comedy hour once more in the Whoniverse, but that never means it’s just a laughing matter. The Girl Who Died follows in the tradition of episodes such as Robot of Sherwood, Let’s Kill Hitler and The Lodger, all of which can be characterised by their witty approach to the overall story and comedic tone. As in those, there were serious undertones to the plot here and some of these will have Who ‘fandom’ chattering for months to come. Co-written by Jamie Mathieson, (Mummy on the Orient Express) and Steven Moffat, this was a well thought out, well constructed episode … Continue reading

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