Questions questions, always questions

The first episode in series 9 left many questions open, some of which have now been answered in episode 2. For fans of complicated plot and the general evolution of the show there are significant teasers now peeking over the horizon. But if The Magician’s Apprentice suffered from character short-cuts that tended to render it a little incredible, then The Witch’s Familiar filled in most of its holes. It brought us back down to Earth, reassuring at least that the Daleks had nothing but calculated harm in mind following a seemingly random opening gambit. Talking as I was last time … Continue reading

Missy misses mark

Series Nine scrambles off the blocks like Usain Bolt and as with that spectacular runner, we know there will be fireworks along the way. There’ll be the will he / won’t he get up to speed moment, the unbelievable eruption of pace somewhere near half way and it’ll all end with him looking nonchalantly around, strolling across the line while his competitors are left in his wake. The trouble is that all races proceed inevitably to predictable conclusions. The Magician’s Apprentice did much to create a feeling of predictability. The Daleks, as with all reused villains, were predictable. This is … Continue reading

There’s a goddess loose on The Orient Express

Apparently, there’s a goddess loose aboard The Orient Express. I say apparently, because series eight’s Mummy On The Orient Express was a nice mixture of horror story and Doctor Who plot threads. As a classic mummy story it strikes the right note. There were the ancient, threadbare bandages, the hulking gait and the horrifying expression worn by a relentless assassin bent on murder. Somewhat like Midnight, this episode also had that claustrophobia about it brought on by the lack of escape routes. Even The Doctor conspired to make this so, by placing a force field around his TARDIS so that … Continue reading

Is this apotheosis?

You might be forgiven for thinking that the latest episode of Doctor Who, Kill The Moon, (series 8, episode 7), was basically a tract on behalf of The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. It appeared, on the face of it, to have been a straightforward morality play about protecting unborn life; that the creature about to hatch from the moon had some inalienable right to life on the basis that it would be morally wrong to destroy it. Period. Well, all the evidence was there. Firstly, it was an episode about giving birth. Having established that the spidery … Continue reading

It was character building

In every book, or TV series with an ‘arc’, there comes a moment when you have to take your breath and stop to do some establishing of characters, and so on. The Caretaker was just such an opportunity. I think the episode was in keeping with the very high standard of series 8; however, it was probably one for the kids, as a story that is – and why not, at times Doctor Who does resemble a children’s programme. We must give them a look in occasionally and they are the future of the viewing audience of the show, for … Continue reading

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